My novel this year is a western with some erotica. Yes, I know, I’ve tried writing a western before, but this time at least one, maybe more, of the characters came from my other effort of trying to write a western.

“The Texas Kid Rides Again

Tracy, my heroine, is forced to leave the ranch where she grew up, because of her new step-father. Tracy’s father had been killed in the Civil War, and the year is now 1865, give or take a year.

Tracy does some buying in town in secret, secret to everyone except her mother, who provided Tracy the money needed to buy whatever she needed.

On the night it was time for her to leave, she saddled her black stallion and put a pack of provisions on her chestnut mare. Tracy led the horses away from the house as quietly as she could. The mare’s foal gave a soft whinny when he (or she) saw her/his mother being led away.

Tracy quickly put a small halter on the foal and tied it to the pack the mare was carrying. It wasn’t as if she was afraid the foal would run away, because Tracy knew that wouldn’t happen. Not until the foal was no longer getting his/her food from the milk the mare was making for her foal.

I’m not sure of the gender of the foal or what color s/he is. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. 🙂

As for Tracy, she has some adventures ahead of her during her flight from her abusive step-father.

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