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Dog-leads-police-to-fire.gif Redditor, ‘Dudurin’ wrote:
“The guys house caught fire and the troopers GPS unit jammed while he was driving out there. The drive to their house was MUCH farther then the .gif depicts.

I can’t find the original video in where I saw it, but there it was stated the dogs owner was standing outside of the house as it was burning and said to the dog: “Buddy, we need to get help.” It was only at this point that the dog ran off until it found the trooper. It’s somewhere around this point that the gif begins and the dog starts running back home (Also note that there’s a good chunk of video missing in the image). The trooper stated that the dog on numerous occasions looked over it’s shoulder and slowed down if the distance between them was too far, as if to make sure that he was following…

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